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Certificate in Filial Play Coaching

This Certificate in Filial Play Coach and Mentoring course has been clinically accredited by PTUK and PTI.

It is based on PTUK standards and latest policy which replaces filial therapy and filial play therapy training and practice as the approved method of working with parents and children together.

Help parents as well as children

Parents can, indeed should, occupy an essential role in alleviating the emotional and behavioural problems of their children. Although it is impractical and unethical for parents to carry out Play Therapy with their own children, it is highly desirable that they use non-directive play as a part of their parenting skills.

Training as a Filial Play Coach provides a big opportunity for Play Therapists and professionals working with children to extend their practice to working with parent, carers and families as well as children.

Students who successfully complete our Certificate in Filial Play Coaching will be able to use the title Filial Play Coach on the PTUK Register of Play and Creative Arts Therapists accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.

This Course provides the opportunity to extend working with parents / carers and families as well as the children.

There is a 4 -day course which is designed for PTI Certified Play Therapists who have at least 100 hours supervised clinical experience of working with children using non-directive play.

Other relevant professionals can have an extra 3 days of therapeutic play training before joining the others on the course.
Other relevant professionals include:

  • Nursery School Teachers / Assistants
  • Play School Teachers / Assistants
  • Primary School Teachers / Assistants
  • Play Therapists / Expressive Arts Therapists
  • Social Workers / Counsellors / Psychotherapists
  • Clinical Psychologists / Education Psychologists
  • Family Therapists / Nurses / Health Visitors
  • Care Home Staff / Adoption / Foster Carers
The course has been designed to:

  • Enhance your career/professional skill
  • Increase your satisfaction in working with parents, families and children
  • Give you the skills to train parents to improve their relationship with their children
  • Give you the skills to help parents to help their children develop their emotional literacy
  • Give you the skills to help parents to alleviate their children’s mild to moderate social, emotional and behaviour problems
  • Assist your own personal development
  • Provide you with the Profession Structure Model competencies defined by PTUK to coach parents in filial play skills

Entry Requirements

Completed as a minimum, the post-graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills with clinical experience working with children using non-directive therapeutic play.


Professionals who are working with young infants and children such as nurses, play group & kindergarten teachers, other therapeutic or health-related professionals working with young children.

Membership of PTUK/PTI is required to attend this course.


If you are not a member yet, you can apply here and send it in together with your course application.

Course Design

The purpose of the course is to provide practice based training to enable participants to coach and/or mentor parents/carers to use filial play effectively with their children.

Learning Methods

Participants will learn through working with other members of the course about the roles and responsibilities of the Filial Play Coach. There will be tutorials on theory but formal teaching and lecturing will be kept to an essential minimum.

Learning will be experiential and collaborative using pair, group work, role-play and case presentations. Practical assignments, working with parents and their children, will provide new learning opportunities and consolidation of material from the experiential exercises undertaken during the course. Assignments will be the subject of group discussions during the following module.

The Post Qualifying Certificate in Filial Play Coaching programmes will include:

  • A review of the main Filial Play Therapy models to enable you to develop the approach that suits you best
  • The differences between coaching and mentoring and how a Coach may develop into a Mentor.
  • Choosing an appropriate coaching model – an exploration of the theories and styles of coaching.
  • How to assess children and parents as being suitable for Filial Play
  • Deciding upon the optimum programme of coaching for each parent
  • Agreeing a Filial Play contract with the parent(s)
  • Helping the parents to set up at home
  • The coaching of parents in non-directive play skills, including the re-orientation required by play therapists.
  • Monitoring the progress of the family.


Course Assignments

In order to successfully complete the course, you will need to fulfil the following criteria:

  • 40 hours of Filial Play Coaching/ Mentoring (this includes all preparation / assessment sessions with the parent/carer)
  • Satisfactory logging of all Filial Play Coaching / Mentoring sessions.
  • Satisfactory recording of notes on each Filial Coaching / Mentoring session on the forms provided. This needs to include supervision of parent sessions at home and analysis of parent log.
  • A reflective journal to be completed for all coaching and mentoring sessions (40 entries).
  • Eight supervision sessions with a Filial Play Supervisor who is on the Register of Play and Creative Arts Therapists
  • Prepare a case study to present at a Follow-up Day
  • Attendance to a Follow-Up Day


Regal Hotel, Kowloon


Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy


PTUK/ PTI Certified Filial Play Coach


For Certified PTI members (10-13 October, 2023)      

HK$9,500   Early-bird discount before 9 September 2023
HK$10,000 Regular after 9 September 2023
HK$1,500   Follow Up Day (to be paid one year later)

For non-Certified PTI members (7-13 October, 2023)

HK$16,500 Early-bird discount before 9 September 2023
HK$17,500 Regular after 9 September 2023
HK$1,500   Follow Up Day (to be paid one year later)

Please write cheque payable to “Play Therapy Hong Kong Limited

Please note you will also need to set aside extra budget for your supervision when you do your practicum.


7 – 13 October 2023 for non-Certified PTI members
10-13 October, 2023 for Certified PTI members
(On-line) Follow-up day (TBC, usually one year later)

Admission Submission 

Please submit your application form together with your cheque for the course and post to c/o Play Therapy Hong Kong, 11/F Fung Lok Commercial Building, 163 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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